FluidX – Consumables, instrumentation and 2D bar-code reading solutions that help to successfully store and track valuable samples.

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Sample Storage Consumables
FluidX has developed the very first 2D barcoded tubes back in 1999. Since that time FluidX has been at the forefront of developing consumables and readers, and many of the products are “firsts” and today FluidX continues to innovate.
1D & 2D Barcoded Tube and Rack Readers
FluidX single tube and whole rack readers are the result of over 15 years of continuous development and innovation. FluidX is focused on bringing the best products, with the most useful features, to the customers.
Sample Storage Tube Capper/Decappers
FluidX offers the widest range of capping/decapping systems for sample storagte tubes – which can be sealed using screw caps, TPE septum caps or the proprietary AirFilm thermal sealing technology.
Liquid handling
FluidX offers Liquid Handling Systems for Medium and High Throughput, automated reagent dispensers for 96 to 1536 well plates, and sample processor workstation.
Sample Storage Instruments
Instruments for manual or fully automated or storage tube labelling, sorting and picking.

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